Who we are

CO.RI.P. srl is a multidisciplinary engineering services company, specialized in the sectors of hydraulics and transport, which has been operating
since 1958 (until 1986 under the name “Studio Colletti”), carrying  out integrated  activities of  special topographic surveys and design both in Italy
that abroad.


The company can provide a wide range of interdisciplinary services, ranging from surveys and surveys, to design and consultancy and technical
assistance for the construction of large civil works, thanks to an organization based on  the equal integration  of more  professionals.  CO.RI.P. srl
makes use of an  operational  structure made up of qualified permanent  personnel  specialized  in  the various  sectors  of  activity  and external
consultants in specialized fields.


The entire project activity is supported by a cutting edge equipment in the hardware, software and digital telecommunications sectors. Thanks to
this, it is able to adapt to the real needs of the customer, ensuring  an  integrated  service, for the certainty  of execution, the  management of time,
costs and risks.